Sep 01

An Overview Of What Negligence Solicitors Do

Most people do not know that a solicitor can actually be sued by another solicitor for incompetence. It is a common belief that whether the lawyer wins or loses, they are simply going to keep the money. However, if a solicitor has not performed up to proper standards in regard to pursuing a victory for their client, their client can hire another solicitor to sue them for damages. These lawyers are called negligence solicitors, and if you have never used one before, here is an overview of how they can help people that have been wronged by solicitors that simply did not do their job.

negligence solicitors

Negligence VS A Difficult Case

There is a definite difference between a solicitor that has done their best to win a case, but ends up losing, and a solicitor that did not do their job. In some cases, they are taking on a case that is virtually impossible to win, but they are going to give it their best effort. On the other hand, if it is obvious that the client would win the case, and they end up losing, it is highly probable that the solicitor that they retained did not do their best. This is where negligence solicitors come in. These are attorneys that understand how to pursue other attorneys that have been negligent in providing their services.

How Do You Find These Solicitors?

Solicitors that will sue other solicitors can be found very easily online. You will likely find several that can provide this type of service for you. The first stage of contact is by telephone, or sending them an email, in order to see if you can meet. You will then sit down with them, usually at no cost, and you can present your case to them. By providing them with all of the documentation that your previous solicitor had given you, and then detailing your experience, they can make a determination as to whether or not they can pursue your previous solicitor for damages.

How Much Do Negligence Solicitors Charge?

These solicitors are not going to charge you any money until they win your case. In fact, any good attorney will not take a case on if they do not believe they can win. In this particular case, they are going after one of their own, and they need to be very certain that they can pursue this on a legal basis. Making a mistake could actually damage the credibility of their own law firm, so if they do take you on as a client, there is a high probability that they will be able to win.

It usually takes a solicitor a few weeks to prepare for this type of case. They may have several going on at the same time. You will need to meet with them at least once or twice after the initial meeting to get updates on how far they have come. They will also request additional information in some cases, and subpoena the rest, and this could take even more time. However, if they have taken on your case, you should simply be patient, knowing that they are pursuing what will be a potential settlement that will be paid by your previous solicitor.